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      The Poky Little Puppy


        My name is Nick and I am 12 years old. "The Poky Little PuppyFollow's His Nose Home" is about a group of five puppies who wantto go on an adventure. Their mom tells them they can go , but shealso tells them to stay away from cars and they must be home bydinner time. Eventually they find cars in the city and they have toleave, but they get lost while they are in the city. So the pokylittle puppy uses his very good puppy nose and eventually returnsfrom home. I liked this book because it is an adventure that littlekids can enjoy. I would recommend this book for kids that are 4 or5 years old.


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      The Poky Little Puppy 磨磨蹭蹭的小狗狗 | Rumpelstiltskin 侏儒怪 | Scuffy the Tugboat 史酷比的拖船旅行記

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