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      學字母 | 學單詞 |學美語 | 音標 | 會話 | 聽歌學英語 | 卡通動畫 | 精選推薦 | 網上采集 | 兒童酷站


      TO BABYLAND 去寶寶的小天地

      1. How many miles to Baby-land? Any one can tell;

      Up one flight,to the right, please to ring the bell.

      2.What do they do in babyland? Dream and wake and play.

      Laugh and crow, fonder grow. Jolly times have they.

      3.What do they say in Babyland?

      Why, the oddest things; Might as well try to tell

      What the birdie sings.

      4.Who is the queen in Babyland? Mother, kind and sweet;

      And her love, born above, Guides the little feet





      TO BABYLAND 去寶寶的小天地 THE BABY'S DANCE 寶寶跳舞


      ABC all for baby 送給寶寶 babys clothes寶寶的衣服

      babys face寶寶的臉
      Babys nap 寶寶小睡 Bumblebee

      Byby bye Clap along with me Clap your hands Creaping

      Dance a baby diddy Dance to your daddy

      Dance your fingers Hickory

      Hush little baby I can fly I took a walk Knock knock

      Lets take a walk around house Little brother lullaby

      Little flea Open them shut them Pat-a-cake Pease porridge hot

      Pop goes the weasel Ride a little pony

      Ring around the rosy Rock-a-bay,baby Rosy,my posy

      round the garden Shoe a little horse Slowly

      Splashing in the bath The clock The family

      This is the way ladies ride This is the way we take a bath

      This little pig went to market To market

      Trit trot Trot to boston Trot trot trot Tummy button

      Two little eyes Walking walking Whoops Johnny

      學字母 | 學單詞 |學美語 | 音標 | 會話 | 聽歌學英語 | 卡通動畫 | 精選推薦 | 網上采集 | 兒童酷站

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